Why I am a Gunner

I have played the game of soccer almost all of my life. Yes I call it soccer, I live in Canada and if I called it football, even though it is the correct term; I would be a poser. So deal with it. I grew up playing soccer. I played all through elementary school and high school. I still play today in a men’s beer league.

The first time I realized how much of a world game soccer is, was the first World Cup I ever watched. USA 1994 was a pivotal moment in my soccer life. I was 11 years old, and learning so much. I had always played soccer, but never saw it on TV; this is Canada, hockey and more hockey.

I watched it with my cousin and my uncle who was a big spurs fan Nobody is perfect).

This opened my eyes to the world and I will never forget Baggio blowing that penalty kick over the bar in the final against Brazil.

After that, I began to watch more and more with my uncle and cousin who would watch any team play. We would also play soccer on Super Nintendo (Super Soccer) and on N64 (International Superstar Soccer). From there my passion for the game only grew.

Club soccer didn’t really come into play until I watched France 1998. This is where I discovered the greats play. Among them was a play that sparked my interest more than any others. Yes this was the time when Zizou was the talk of the world, but for me it was the first time I ever saw Thierry Henry.

He was not well known at this time, and he scored 3 goals for the french en route to a World Cup win on home soil.

I decided right then and there, I wanted to know what team he played for and where I could watch more of him. It wasn’t until the following year I saw him in an Arsenal jersey on Saturday morning soccer.

As I watched him play, I fell in love with the club, their style of play, their finesse, and their unparalleled spirit.

To this day I am a Gunner through and through. I will always have a spot for Theirry Henry.